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We offer complete catering solutions to governmental and private entities such as schools, colleges, medical institutions, hotels and remote project sites, including onshore and offshore locations. As we strive to constantly elevate our practices, we strictly follow international standards in procurement, storage, preparation, cooking and serving of food.

Our facilities and experienced team serve a large range of cuisines, satisfying clients by ensuring that their daily needs are well catered. Four N Catering specializes in providing catering services for corporate events and special occasions. Our catering services include:

Industrial Tranining

Industrial Catering

We make sure our culinary masters go a step beyond your requirements by crafting amazing meals to cater to staff and workers across various sectors with strict compliance to HACCP guidelines.

Corporate Catering

Corporate catering

Our top priority is to surpass expectations in every way. We offer a full-service corporate food catering program along an attention to detail that will accommodate your specific requirements as well as exceed your highest expectations. We will cater:

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Institutional Catering

Institutional catering

Our ability to cater to institutions is proof of our strength and versatility as a leading catering company. We actively provide meals and snacks to employees of renowned organizations across the UAE.

Kitchen Management

Kitchen management

For clients in need of kitchen upgrading, our services cover everything from kitchen and menu designs, to inventory, stock and operations management, to the acquisition of approvals from relevant authorities. We additionally design and implement food safety and hygiene processes that meet international standards, and ensure the quality and cost effectiveness of procured products

Dining / mess
hall management

We have a professionally qualified team with the etiquette and skills required to cater and manage dining and mess halls. In addition to serving and presentation, we provide our esteemed clients with comprehensive services, handling all cleaning and housekeeping

Restaurant /
canteen management

Our professional and experienced team of hospitality veterans design, prepare and serve a variety of menus within our client's requirements and budgets. In addition to point of sale management, procurement, and inventory and stock, we create pleasant restaurant and canteen environments where diners can enjoy freshly prepared and healthy cuisine that reflect our high level of standards, and ensure repeat visitors by satisfied customers.

Specialized labor camp catering

We have extensive experience in providing camp catering services to the staff and workers of our esteemed clients across various sectors, including construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, healthcare, hospitality and educational institutions.

Specialized labor camp catering
Catering for diversity

Catering for

Our culinary masters create authentic cuisines like European, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, Thai, Arabic, and more. Our chefs excel in recreating the cuisines from diverse culinary cultures and eating preferences. All our expertly crafted meals are available via delivery, working lunches or at our mess hall during lunch and snacks breaks.

State of the art kitchens


Our state-of-the-art kitchens are capable of withstanding intense workloads, while saving time, resources and energy. Our expansive kitchens feature highly automated innovative cooking systems like steamers, dishwashers, salad choppers, packaging machines and more, helping us prepare more than 75,000 meals a day.

State of the art kitchens